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# Script Title: Alpha E-Mailer w/ Autoresponder
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# Copyright: 1998,1999,2000 by OEC Corp &
# Version: 09.01.1999.C (latest, as of 1/1/2000)
# Status: Fully tested, release version 7, Y2K ready
Instructions, Help, and Guidelines

Basics of operation...

There are three HTML pages used, included in this kit.

The a_submit.html page is the form page to accept information.

If the information is complete and in proper format, the script will send the information to your e-mail address, send an automatic confirmation to the submitter, and then go to the a_thanks.html page to acknowledge to the sender that the correspondence has been delivered.

If any of the fields were left blank or if the e-mail address was malformed, the script will *not* send any e-mail; but, rather, go to the a_fail.html page -- which outlines possible errors, and asks the visitor to use the browser 'back' button to return to the form and try again.  (You can also add a hard link for this.)

Setting up the script...

This is a very easy script to install, with very few and very simple settable variables.  Clear, explicit instructions are provided in the header of the file for setting up the script itself.

Customizing the script...

The script has several header options for all essential customization; i.e., the subject, signature, your e-mail address, etc.  Those even very moderately familiar with Perl will readily see how to customize the autoreply or incoming e-mail messages if needed, though the basic format is adequate for most requirements.

Setting up the HTML pages...

There are three .html pages included.  These are plain-jane source with absolutely no code "clutter"; so you can easily customize them later to fit in with your site design.

There is only one *important change* you must make in the HTML pages to get the fundamentals working.

See the page called a_submit.html

Look for this line in the form portion of the code:

<form action="/cgi-bin/" method="POST">

If necessary, change this path so that  it reflects the path to the script on your server.

You may also wish to change this page cosmetically.  So long as you don't alter the form field names or essential form code, you can edit the page as you normally would.

The remaining pages require no modifications; though, of course, you will likely want to customize the appearance and content to suit the style and needs of your site.

Who may use the script, redistribution, identification, etc...

This script and the accompanying materials are free to all without restriction.  There are no requirements to identify the script source, other than to leave the headers in the script if you redistribute the script in any way.  We do. of course, appreciate recognition where due.

The output of the script likewise contains no reference to or other identification referring to us.  We understand that few webmasters wish to use functional scripts as advertisements for others!

That's it, that's all, go to it...

Best regards,